The Jack Chow Building

Control system design firm EOS Lightmedia chose CueServer 2 to be the show control processor for this amazing spectacle. Dramatic showcase presentations inspired by the four basic elements of humankind, the universal concepts of love and magic, and the history and modernization of Vancouver Chinatown appear nightly on the Jack Chow Building. Beautiful light shows synchronized to music run hourly throughout the evening animating the facade of this fascinating landmark.

Live Design magazine awarded The Jack Chow Building their coveted "Live Design Excellence Award in Architainment" in 2016. (article link)

CueServer drives six universes of DMX for the approximately 850 RGB devices along with 50 additional control points for general lighting and signage. The show’s audio soundtrack and weekly playback schedule are also controlled by CueServer. Several button stations in the building allow for manual selection of preset lighting looks and show playback. The building’s owner and project designer, Rod Chow, also incorporated the companion CuePad app allowing him to adjust lighting looks and trigger shows through buttons and zone sliders in the app.

This iconic multimedia project is a perfect example of CueServer 2’s seamless integration and control of both architectural and entertainment lighting.

Interactive Technologies is proud to be the preferred control system for this award-winning project.

The Jack Chow Building
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


EOS Ligntmedia

Project Details:

  • CS-940 CueServer 2 DIN processor
  • 1 ST-HUB-EN CueStation Hub
  • 4 ST-MD4 Mystique CueStations
  • 6 DMX Universes (via sACN protocol)
  • Stereo audio output

The Jack Chow Building

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