Keeping up with Moving Time

CueServer packs with it a powerful astronomical clock, but what happens when your CueServer is on the move? How do you keep events firing on-time when time keeps on drifting?

This can be a tricky problem to solve, but if you ever find yourself in such a situation, don't fret because we've got you covered! There's a solution to keep your clocks (and events) running on-time, no matter where you are (and that's exactly what we'll cover in this article).

One common situation where this trick might come in handy is on cruise ships. Following this tutorial would ensure the CueServer was on track with the other on-ship systems as time-shifted around them.

Before we begin, let's run through a few thing's you'll need to cross this hurdle:

  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) server.
  • CueServer networked with a path to the NTP server.
  • Event times based on the NTP server's root time.

Once you've covered the above, you're all set. Proceed with the simple steps below and you'll be on-time, in no time.

The Walkthrough

Enabling Automatic Time

CueServer Clock Readings

The settings we will need to adjust are located in the clock parameters window.

When a CueServer is selected in the Navigator Window, its various clock parameters can be changed by clicking on the Clock Toolbar Item ( clock ), or by selecting the "Time Settings"… menu item in the CueServer menu.

In the resulting dialog window, change the setting for region to "ETC", and either "UTC" or "GMT" for the Location.

Make sure "Set Time & Date" is locked to "Automatically (using NTP)", as you see in the picture.

Lastly, in the text box labeled "NTP Server(s)", input the server address(es) of your NTP Server. If there are multiple, they must be seperated by a carrige return.

Once it's locked into your NTP Server, CueServer will follow the time on the NTP server no matter where it is, keeping your show always on-time.

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