View Insite Station in any Web Browser

Did you know that any Insite touchscreen (or other station) can be viewed on any device, at any time, from anywhere? You can design the perfect layout for your Insite panel and also have direct access to that same panel, virtually, on your phone, tablet or computer.

Starting with CueServer v3.0, all CueServer stations (including Mystique & Ultra) are broadcast to the network. All stations, virtual or otherwise, are live and operate in real-time. In other words, when you interact with elements on one station, all virtual and physical viewports pointing to that station will reflect that change simultaneously.

This functionality can be disabled, password-protected, or in the case of Insite, partially restricted with PIN access.

This Tip & Trick will focus on accessing that layout from any device.

The Scenario

You have an Insite touchscreen in your event room for controlling the lighting. From time to time, you need access from the far side of the room, opposite the Insite. You want to use a tablet on these occasions to provide the temporary control you need.

The Breakdown

Starting with CueServer Studio 3.0, the Station panel has been re-designed. Along with this new design is the ability to add stations with Pages, Layouts, and individual remote web access. Once you've set up your layout the way you want, you can view and interact with that layout by visiting the CueServer URL for that station.

The Walkthrough


Open the station in the Station panel.


In the new Station panel, each station has its own set of property windows (see below) and must be selected via the drop down, unlike in the previous version.



alt alt


Use the drop-down at the top to select your Insite station.

Configure Web Access


Once you have the station open, the Station Settings page will be selected by default.




Using this page, we can enable or disable web access (Enabled checkbox) or set a password (User/Password checkbox).

Go ahead and click the blue link and your browser will open up to an exact replica of your Insite station!

All station URLs follow a specific methodology, starting with the CueServer's IP address followed by "station", and then finally, the station number.

Use the Insite's IP Address

You can also use the IP address of the Insite you want to view. You can find the IP of your Insite via the CueServer Navigator window.

When you navigate to an Insite panel's IP address, the Insite will redirect your browser to the correct CueServer IP and station automatically.


Access the Insite Panel from Remote

Just as you can edit a CueServer remotely, you can access its stations remotely as well. If you are accessing from outside the local network (WAN), you will almost certainly need to open some ports for outside access and direct them to your CueServer.

If you are unfamiliar with the port forwarding process, you will need access to your router administration page. The website PortForward has a master list of routers with "how-to" articles to match.

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