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CueServer Programming Fundamentals

CueServer Programming Fundamentals

Thursday, November 21

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
Room: N204
Session Number: L41
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Participants should bring their own laptop and be able to connect to an Ethernet network.

You've either heard about CueServer or you've installed one already... Now it's time to get some formal training. CueServer Programming Fundamentals will teach you what CueServer is and how to use it in your next architectural or entertainment lighting project. Record and playback cues, design touchscreens, add button stations, timers, events, and use CueServer's scripting language to add special logic to your show. After completing the class, you'll be able to specify, install, and program a CueServer!

Session Highlights:

• A quick overview of CueServer hardware and features
• Learn how to capture and playback static and streaming cues
• Create timers, calendar events, and astronomical triggers
• Add interactive layouts for mobile devices and touchscreens
• Create custom CueScripts to add logic

Target Audience:

This class is designed for system integrators, console programmers, and/or lighting technicians who want to learn how to program basic CueServer shows. This is an entry-level to mid-level class intended for participants who already have a working knowledge of DMX and/or Streaming ACN.